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clean & natural ingredients

Today, our diets aren’t the only thing going natural and chemical-free. As we look for new ways to nurture the wellbeing of people and the planet, the interest in homeopathy and neutraceuticals is rising. More and more, we’re seeing how natural alternatives have the potential to solve some of the world’s biggest issues in health, hygiene and nutrition.

“41% of consumers say they would choose more natural supplements over effective ones”

a natural makeover

Established categories such as VMS, intimate wellness, pain relief and household cleaners are each getting a natural makeover - more consumers are searching for plant based ingredients in the products.

plants vs. pollution

We’re also waking up to the ways in which natural ingredients can be an accelerator to fight pollution. This is particularly evident indoors, where the carbon capture capabilities of plants are now being bioengineered to create super-organisms that will eliminate pollutants altogether.

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