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Through the pandemic, hygiene awareness accelerated to new heights, and with it came the adoption of new, more heightened cleaning habits. Innovation is fighting back. From the boom of on the go sanitisers to the digitisation and intensification of at home cleaning.

“The Household Cleaning Products Market slated to exceed USD 215 billion by 2027


This hygiene fascination is being fuelled as much online as it is offline, with clean hacks and clean-influencers driving social conversation. The #CleanTok hashtag alone on TikTok, (which covers everything from homemade cleaning formulas to satisfying fridge cleans and restocks), has surpassed 23 billion views in the last year.

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Expect antibacterial and antiviral solutions and packaging to become more important in purchasing decisions. We will see robot cleaners and automated UV devices sanitize our homes, workplaces, hospitals and schools to keep us safe.

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