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soothing anxious minds

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the already substantial burden of depression and anxiety, with tens of millions of additional cases reported globally in 2020. Without the healthcare infrastructure or access in place to support people living with anxiety, particularly for those within marginalised groups, the world is looking to new methods of support.

“Neurologists are seeing an increase in sleep disorders associated with COVID-19, a surge they're terming COVID-somnia.”

relax in the metaverse

More solutions are being born through technology, with the metaverse and Ai assisted therapy, creating new platforms for improving our mental health. Now, anxiety sufferers can instantly de-stress in worlds of calm personalised to their needs. Simulated spaces that encourage self care, mindfulness and quality sleep, with environments so real, they can alter our mood and adjust our emotional state.

healthier habits

The popularity of self-medicating and microdosing using extracted natural ingredients, has created a new series of daily habits, with tinctures being added to an evening tea and natural gummies replacing chemical capsules. The adopted regimen of nature based remedies coupled with mindfulness practices is how we are starting to manage stress and anxiety naturally.

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