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new digital frontiers

As the internet moves into its next era of disruption, the opportunities that are emerging in the ecommerce landscape are unprecedented. Web 3.0 really is the next iteration of the web’s evolution and ecommerce is finding its way to the heart of it. Shared experiences have changed since the world locked down in 2020, with more people accepting the web, social and gaming as part of their new social life.

“European ecommerce revenues leaped by 30% to a record $465bn in 2021.”

to the metaverse

So with the metaverse in full swing and the online universe forever expanding, perhaps the way in which we deliver health, hygiene and nutrition to our consumers will almost become as important as what we’re delivering.

a mainstream reality

As a result, consumer buying behaviors are shifting. Digital downloadable content has moved from Fortnite skins to social live commerce, trading digital art with cryptocurrency in limited edition NFT drops. A once far future fantasy that has now truly arrived into mainstream reality.

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