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The convergence of knowledge, technology and data is revolutionizing the way in which we can treat the healthcare needs of people, uniquely. Whilst scientific advances have enabled incredible and historic leaps in the diagnosis and treatment of human health, the emergence of personalisation is a step change unlike anything else we’ve seen.

One in eight LGBTQ+ people in the UK say they have faced unequal treatment when seeking healthcare”

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Women no longer have to be reliant on male-tested solutions. Brown skin is no longer reliant on the solutions of white. Moreover, patients living with disease or disability, can be provided healthcare to suit their intersectional diagnosis, instead of catch-all medication. Healthcare is moving to a more inclusive, more predictive, and most importantly, more efficacious approach to treat everyone as individuals.

your unique biology

Now, by leveraging the unique biology of each person through the gut, the brain and the microbiome, products are emerging to nurture different, more effective care. Alongside DNA and genetic testing, our healthcare solutions have become more targeted. More effective.

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