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sexual wellness revolutionised

Across the world we are seeing the liberation and education of sexual topics and practice. From celebrities launching vibrators to TV shows exploring the complexity of sex candidly on screen (not to mention a certain Arabic sex educator, Nour Emam’s TikTok channel), people of all ages are being welcomed to a new, more open universe of sex and intimacy. Sexual exploration is a taboo no more.

“Sex-tech is now a $3.72 trillion wellness industry”

a new future for sexual wellbeing

Devices & digital connection to make sex more personal, more exciting, and safe are here to stay. This is not a short term boom of pandemic panic buys, but a new future for the sexual wellbeing of all people.

up close and personal

A new focus on building awareness in this sector is helping us get up close and personal with our own bodies, sparking more innovation around issues such as menopausal rights and a rise in at-home screening and treatments.

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