BCorp Companies: Changing the Face of Health & Hygiene

BCorp Companies: Changing the Face of Health & Hygiene

Some of the hottest BCorp companies are changing the way we think about health and hygiene, and making a healthier world for all.

Benefit corporations, otherwise known as BCorps, are part of a growing global movement that believe truly successful businesses consider more than profits alone. Certified B Corps want to improve their bottom line while improving the world, and they’re held to the highest standards.

These standards include accountability, performance, transparency, and a focus on social responsibility and the environment. BCorp companies represent many industries, including BCorps who are changing the face of health and hygiene. 

Health and hygiene affect us all on a daily basis; sustainable, healthy living should be a right for all people. These companies are creating safe products for the planet that boast clean ingredients, and it’s more than just a trend. 

From an innovative eco-friendly laundering business to healthy immune-boosting products, entrepreneurs in the health and hygiene space are paving the way, creating business models that lead with environmental impact and sustainability. 

Funds like Access VC are backing companies with a vision for the future of health and hygiene. Let’s meet a few of these BCorps!

The Hottest BCorp Health and Hygiene Companies


Can you imagine a customer-centered, environmentally-friendly laundry service without harsh chemicals delivered to you by bike? Forget dry cleaning — Oxwash invented wet cleaning. Inspired by space, Oxwash uses an eco-friendly process that’s origin is based on disinfecting spaceships. 

Oxwash operates out of the UK, and this high-demand laundry service is taking the UK by storm. They’re committed to claiming the title of the world's first net-zero impact laundry washing company.


This clean team has a cult following, and they’ve revolutionized how we think about the cleaning process. They’re changing the narrative from mainstream cleaning products to a new way to clean by redefining three things:

  • How cleaning products are packaged

  • Ingredients in cleaning products

  • How cleaning products are shipped

This company has its roots in Puerto Rico and New York, and they’re committed to cleaning your house for the planet. They use only recyclable cartons and glass jars, natural cleaning ingredients, and sustainable shipping methods. 

Did we mention that Cleancult plants a tree for every product delivered? This gesture is part of their commitment to stay carbon-neutral. 

Bower Collective

Bower Collective gained inspiration from the Bowerbird. Male Bowerbirds seek out brightly colored objects for their nests to court female mates but often find harmful plastic in the environment instead.

73 million metric tons of plastic was generated in the U.S. in 2019. Bower Collective is on a mission to end needless plastic waste in households and leave the environment a better place. They offer products for personal care and cleaning with reusable packaging.

Beekeeper’s Naturals

The next time you see a bee buzzing around, consider that insect pollination is required for 80 percent of the world’s flowering plants, and one way or another, bees have a hand in every third bite of food we take. Bees matter.

BeeKeeper’s Naturals support sustainable beekeeping and create products produced by the hive. From immune boosters to throat spray, this BCorp respects the bees and their natural habitats.

Cabinet Health

What’s in your medicine cabinet? In case you missed them on the show Shark Tank, Cabinet Health founders made quite the splash when they pitched making medicine packaging more sustainable for the environment. Cabinet Health has garnered media attention and touts a loyal following of customers.

Among other initiatives, they’ve set out to remove more plastic than what is produced and create ethical, sustainable supply chains; Cabinet Health is transforming the planet, one medicine cabinet at a time. 


Starting with her own home, the founder of Blueland set out on a quest for sustainability to create products that reduced plastic in our oceans and water supply.

Scientists predict that by 2050, oceans will be filled with more plastic than fish, ounce for ounce. Without activism, social responsibility, and BCorps like Blueland, we’d continue heading in the wrong direction.

Blueland has had a major environmental impact, eliminating more than one billion single-use plastic bottles — and counting.

The Nue Co 

It seemed lofty at first — the dream of a business that positively impacts human health and the planet. The husband and wife team, Jules Miller and Charlie Gower set out to do just that with The Nue Co. Using supplements to support her health issues, the couple turned her health pursuit into a business pursuit.

Their product line-up includes ingestible supplements, such as probiotics for gut health. You can also find skincare supplements, fragrances to boost your mood, and much more. 

There are a few things missing from their products. You won’t find toxic ingredients like preservatives or additives. Every product is made cruelty-free, uses organic ingredients when possible, and offers select gluten-free products. 

Packaging is 95 percent recyclable, and its ultimate goal is to improve human health while becoming a net positive business. 

What Is the Difference Between a BCorp and BLab?

You’ve learned about a few hot health and hygiene BCorps, and the global movement has sparked many more forward-thinking health and hygiene companies. Now that we have an idea of some of the BCorps within the health and hygiene industry, let’s answer a question many have asked. Are BCorps and BLabs the same?

To be Certified BCorp, companies must have a legally binding obligation to society. This certification is only available to companies that provide documentation of meeting this requirement.

BLab is an independent nonprofit that advocates for BCorps. The main goal is to spread awareness about community-minded companies that want to make a difference.

Health and Hygiene BCorps Leading the Way

With Certified BCorps, sustainable business is good business, and the ecosystem of BCorps is growing. In particular, the health and hygiene segment of the B Corp movement is strong. How we manage health and hygiene has a high impact because it affects the daily lives of everyone living on the planet, now and in the future. 

Thanks to the vision and commitment of BCorps, the future of health and hygiene is bright and clean. 


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